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Hey all, If anyone could help a newbie I'd appreciate it. I just started a job photographing other peoples artwork (for slide,digi negs, cd's, and 4x6's), and commercial products. It's a spin off new business for my manager (he mainly does websites and an online gallery)I'm fresh out of college and I haven't done much with the business side of photography. I'm getting to my question I swear. The rates for how much we charge are already set for each thing someone may want. My question is, My manager is new to the photo business also, and he asked me what I think I should be paid. I don't know what the norm is. So I'd told him I'd think abou it, but I have know idea. I know I have to factor out the cost of actually getting the product finished and to the customer, but after that I'm stumped. Some facts: I do all the phototgraphing,setup,research, making cd's, retouching, and shipping off to make slides. Mostly what he does is contact people and pay for promotional/ads. Any cost of extra equipment or misc. is billed to him(As it should be).......So what should I charge? Hourly? A Percentage of total cost? Please help. Thanks
in advance.

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8/5/2005 5:20:34 PM

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