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robert burks
BetterPhoto Member Since: 2/23/2005

shutter life, uh oh

...uh oh...I worked and saved to get a nikon d70, and am happy with the freedom digital photography allows. I just came across articles that bragged about some of the cameras being rated for a 150,000 image shutter life...

I never thought of that, does anyone know how long a d70 shutter life is, and how expensive it would be to replace, if thats possible?

Thanks in advance for your input...

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7/29/2005 5:00:01 AM

Michael H. Cothran   The D70 has a state-of-the-art focal plane shutter. No better or worse than any other DSLR in its price class.
There is NO NEED to be concerned.

Hopefully this little bit of elementary arithmetic will help -

If you photograph an average of 100 images per MONTH, it will take you 125 YEARS to fire off 150,000 shots!!!
Believe me, 125 years from now you won't care whether or not your D70's shutter needs replacing! Even if you shoot a whopping 250 images per month, it will still take you 50 years to fire off 150,000 shots.

FYI - Fuji is the only camera manufacturer (that I know of) that actually installs a counter on many of their camera bodies. Sort of like a car's odometer. This counter tells you how many times the shutter has been tripped.
After three years of almost daily professional and personal use, I've managed to log about 7500 shots on my Fuji camera. This calculates to about 60 years in order to achieve 150,000 shots!

So, as you can see, we will both be buying newer and better cameras LOOOONG before we ever approach 150,000 shutter "miles."

Michael H. Cothran

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7/29/2005 5:46:46 AM

BetterPhoto Member Since: 5/28/2002
  I think you saw that number from Canon's advertisement about their 1 series film and digital cameras (1v, 1D, 1Ds). Although there are a small number of cases that the shutter did not work after a short while, you should not worry too much. Keep shooting.

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7/29/2005 6:43:53 AM

robert burks
BetterPhoto Member Since: 2/23/2005
  Michael and Andy, thanks very much for your responses. I was concerned because I carry my camera every where with me, I got it in january of this year, and I know have shot 16,000 images...thats a pretty high rate I was thinking...thanks again.

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8/1/2005 1:24:15 PM

Justin G.
BetterPhoto Member Since: 7/13/2004
  16,000 images. That is obsurd. You must be a fast shooter. I'm the type of guy to put my camera on a tripod with some Ilford Pan F ISO 50 and slow down and compose the shot carefully instead of randomly shooting 16,000 shots. For the filmer with average prices, for us to have that many shots would cost us on average (drum roll please):


Must be nice to buy a digital, shoot 16,000 and throw away 98% of them because they were just randomly shot hoping 1 would turn out. Sorry for griping but I'm not all for these guys who spend $4000 on a camera set thinking that the more money they spend they will automatically have better pictures and then brag about how many they take. Its all about QUALITY, not quantity.

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8/1/2005 1:47:36 PM

Justin G.
BetterPhoto Member Since: 7/13/2004
  P.S. I never said you guys are bad photographers, Robert Storm B. I actually admire your work and think you have some great pics. But with a premium gallery that can hold 300 pics I'm wondering why there's only 49 in your gallery. I mean 16,000 photos, there should be about 1,600 great photos saying that 3 out of 36 exposures are decent.

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8/1/2005 1:50:54 PM

robert burks
BetterPhoto Member Since: 2/23/2005
  ...thank you for your comments Justin, I saved for a while to purchse my digital that was no where near $4000.

...I am new to this, so I bracket a lot, both exposures and white balance, and I am experimenting with focus and other interesting techniques, 10 shots with multiple brackets in the morning and evening would give you more than that amount...and I see everything around me that interests me. Frankly I couldnt afford to do this with film. And random shoots are not my style either, some of my bird shots, I spent more than 3 hours stalking them slowly with an 18-70 mm lens before I pulled the trigger even once.

...there are not 1,600 images in my gallery because...well, like you said the limit is 300. In addition, I dont always submit what I think are my best images nor present them in the gallery, I just select a some that I'd like to get peoples comments on. I am new to this...I like to shoot, and I love photography...never said I was a professional, nor that my images were great. I am also learning that that many images takes forever to even there are so many I have yet to even look at, so I will likely slow down dramatically simply for that fact.

I dont think its the equipment at all, I think there are many talented photographers on this site that are amazing. I hope to learn more as I go, and will likely become more selective in my shooting as I learn more aobut exposures and balances. Till then, I guess you can chalk me up as a happy amateur.

Thank you again for the comments...

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8/1/2005 2:11:07 PM

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