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Kimberley Stanley

Film Developing and Re-printing

I am a black and white photography amateur/beginner who has never taken a class in the traditional sense. While I have learned a lot from this site and from other Web sites in general, I am still left in the dark when it comes to printing and developing.

The problem is that I have my images sent to the local Longs where they send them to outside developers and I don't always like the quality of the print. I have tried a professional black and white developer who did an excellent job (they were archival quality) but I'm not experienced enough for my images to warrant that kind of money since they aren't always good ones.

Next spring I plan to enroll in the Academy of Art college in San Francisco and I will have the opportunity to take a class then, but in the meantime I still want to practice the art. I would like to know if after I've had my film developed I can go back at a later time, take the negatives and do a better job myself or if once it has been processed then what's done is done?

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5/6/2001 6:21:31 PM

Jeff S. Kennedy   In b&w photography much of what you can do is done in the printing of the film. Not to say that development isn't important. But a well exposed negative developed by a consistent lab should be fully capable of delivering a very nice print. In short, you should have no problem going back to these negs at a later date and messing around with them in the darkroom. Just make sure you store them correctly. Sleeve them and take every precaution to avoid scratches.

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5/6/2001 9:03:47 PM

Bob    If you want to save money and learn more about the technical side of photography, look into City College of San Francisco's highly regarded photo department.

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6/8/2001 12:54:51 PM

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