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John Foutch

Flash Photography

I recently used a Stofen diffuser on my flash unit and took photos indoors (with daylight film) under flourescent light. When I got the prints back, I was surprised to see a "green" cast to them. I thought the flash would over- ride the flourescent and eliminate the green cast. I also thought the diffuser would soften the flash when I took closeup shots. What did I do wrong?

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5/2/2001 7:15:20 PM

Jim Miotke
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  Hi there,

1) If you are getting prints back, the green cast could be caused by the processing lab. The whole light balance issue is most important with shooting slides.

2) When film is "daylight" balanced, that means it is meant to be shot in white daylight. It doesn't mean it corrects light to daylight color. If you want a correcting (slide) film, look for something

3) Flash usually does override this problem but only where it hits your subject. Shadows, for example, will still look greenish. Perhaps using the Sto-fen diffuser limited the amount of flash and made the scene take on more of the green colored light.

However, I don't think this is your problem. Again, if you are getting prints, your photo lab is doing a poor job of color balancing. Go back and ask for a do-over.

If you are using slides, try Fuji Reala. For shooting slides under flourescent light without a flash, use an FL-D filter.

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5/4/2001 5:51:07 PM

Mark T. Yoshimura   What color diffuser did you use. There are different color diffusers for different conditions. For flourescent light Stofen makes a green colored diffuser.

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5/10/2001 5:18:56 PM

John Foutch   Hi Mark,

I used a white Stofen diffuser. The thing that really bothers me is that a friend also took pictures under the same conditions and his prints came back looking good (not green). Could the Stofen diffuser restrict that much light?

I am going to have a couple of the pictures developed at another store and see if they too come back green.

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5/10/2001 8:45:15 PM

Mark T. Yoshimura   Try looking at this site. It shows how film records different types of light. If you notice the picture taken in fluorescent light has a green tint. The Sto-fen green green diffuser is supposed to take out the green tint from the fluorescent light.

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5/11/2001 7:50:54 AM

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