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vinod wadhawan

Use of filters for household bulbs

i want to use household bulbs 100-150 watts for table top photography of medicine bottles and their covers. the covers are white. and daylight does not give them as pure white as the client wants. he rejected the flash images also.

I can't afford a studio nor do I am able to rent. I'm left with no other choice but to use household bulbs. I tried the entire indian market and I could not get what is called a tugsten balanced film? Please let me know:
1) what are the names of tungsten balanced color negative films of kodak,fuzi,konica,agfa which are available in India?
2) In abscence of availability of films which filters are required to be used to get the pure white which I could not get in daylight despite overexposing by 1 or 2 stops.
3) Is there any other alternative.
thanking you a lot
yours sincerely

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5/2/2001 10:33:12 AM

John A. Lind
BetterPhoto Member Since: 9/27/2001

I cannot help you with what the film names are in India. All the tungsten balanced color negative films I'm aware of are professional films. You will have to buy them where professional films are sold.

In the US Kodak's only tungsten balanced color negative is called Portra 100T. You may wish to contact Kodak India Ltd. directly about its availability in India (they have no web site that I could find):

Kodak India Ltd.
Vinay Bhavya Complex 6TH Floor
159-A, CST Road, Kalina
Santacruz (W) Mumbai
Phone: 91-22-6526826
Fax: 91-22-6528985

Arcot Road, Vadapalani
Madras 600 026, India
Phone: 91-44-483-4590 - 3838

Fuji's only tungsten balanced color negative film is called Fujicolor NPL 160. I could not find an address for any Fuji Film offices in India.

-- John

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5/2/2001 6:44:45 PM

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