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Photoshoot - may be difficult

Hi all, next weekend I will being doing an indoor photoshoot for six Indians. The men will be wearing black suits and the women will be wearing red saris. The requested a white backdrop (for obvious reasons), so I have purchased this (polar fleece - can you believe it, it was perfect!) and have done a few lighting tests on my husband on the white backdrop.

I've noticed white is going to be a little harder to get things right with, as I am noticing shadowing, even though my speedlite is being bounced from the ceiling.

I have a room that has 5 large windows in a like a half hexagon shape etc, and I am hanging the backdrop against that, I thought if I opened the venetians a little, it will create a "backlight effect" so ensure the backdrop is really white.

but any ideas on the shadowing? They know I am not "fully qualified etc" and that I am still "learning" but I just want to give the best I can. Do you think a softbox on my speedlite and then bouncing off the ceiling may work. I don't have any studio lighting as yet.

Any thoughts, tips would be greatly appreciated. Oh, the material is 3mtrs by 4.5mtrs. Takes up the whole room nearly!

Thanks in advance

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7/18/2005 10:31:32 PM

Kerry L. Walker   If possible, set up a slave flash (or 2 if small) to fire toward the background.

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7/19/2005 5:41:01 AM

Debby A. Tabb
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  Kerry's suggestion would be my first also.
But for those that do not realize that usually in a formal portrait setting for this ethnic backround ( desert Indian-please forgive me the coffee has not kicked in and I'm drawing a blank on the proper name) the men usually sit and the women is usually at his shoulder silghly behind- so what you maybe able to do here is get 1/2 to 3/4 (formal posed) shots the 3 men in thier black suits being seated in front and the ladies in thier red( against the white) being behind and then crop it a little close- you may be able to get very little shadow.
the if they want full body try to do these when you do the approvals of each man with his wife-again croping thse close vertical.
I hope this helps you out.
Debby Tabb

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7/19/2005 7:20:32 AM

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  Kerry, Deb

Oh that sounds good, I like the idea of the posing too, I will print it out.

I was also thinking of draping the material from the ceiling, down over my lounge and then onto the floor and getting the men to sit on the lounge, then the women on the floor in different casual poses, and then the other way around, plus individual shots. I saw a shot of a women in a saree and it looked beautiful. She was sitting on the floor, with one leg crossed in front and one leg up, with her chin on her knee - very seductive.

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7/19/2005 4:20:05 PM

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