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Debby K. Paul

Saving pictures

I am beginning to get the hang of this new digital camera. The kids also like to look at the pictures. I thought it would be a good idea to make a digital photo album to present to my daughter on her 13th birthday. However my children use the computer as much as me and will no doubt find the pictures that are meant to be a surprise. Is there any way of password protecting the pictures?

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4/21/2001 3:44:47 AM

John A. Lind
BetterPhoto Member Since: 9/27/2001
I am presuming you are using a Windows operating system on a PC.

Have you ever used an archiving program called "WinZip?" It is "shareware" for personal, non-commercial use. With it you can store multiple files in a single archive. It will also compress their size (if possible) . . . without any data loss . . . within the archive. You can also set a password when creating and adding files to the archive. Just don't forget what the password is or you'll never get the files out!

How to use it . . .
When you're done with a session working on the image files you currently have, create an archive for them and store them in it. When you first create the archive set the password option and give it a password. After you close the archive you will have to provide the password to extract any of the files in it. Once the individual files are in the archive, don't forget to delete the individual files. If you extract a file to work on it, update the archive afterward (replace the old file in the archive with the updated file). Make certain all your image files are back in the archive when you end a session working on them and that none of the individual ones are left out for your daughters to find.

If you don't have WinZip on your computer you can download it from:
Go to the selection on the home page that says "Download Evaluation Version."

-- John

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4/22/2001 9:15:09 PM

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