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How to clean inside of camera

Hi all,

My Rebel 2000 seems to have quite a bit of dust and other stuff in it after I changed lenses several times at the Botanical Gardens last week. I've never had to clean the inside of the camera before, so I'm not sure how to proceed. Do I buy a kit such as Kinetronics SpecGrabber or Optical First Aid Kit? Do I need to have the camera professionally cleaned, and if so, how much should that cost?

I appreciate any guidance.


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6/26/2005 4:05:22 PM

Tom Walker   A squeezebulb air brush sold in most camera stores will do the job for light dust removal, watch out with canned compressed air, they can sometimes damage the camera's innards, for heavy cleaning, have it done professionally.
A CLA (cleam, lube, adjust) is usually about a $100 or less depending on where you get it done

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6/27/2005 3:25:35 PM

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