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Austin Brodfuhrer

Nature Photography

Well im sure its a question thats been asked before, but Im wondering if anyone has some advice for me regarding getting started selling my nature photos. I go to college in the mountains of Western Noth Carolina, and the town I am located in is quite artsy(and its also near a very artsy city- Asheville, NC), and the town has a main street stores, some galleries along the roads, etc.

Also, I am planning on creating a pro web page with so that I can sell photos online. Has anyone used this service? If so, could you give me some input on how its gone so far? Is it worth it?

I appreciate any help I can get,


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6/24/2005 3:20:43 PM

Michael H. Cothran   For starters, guessing that your "mystery" town may be Boone, you can look into the one-day outdoor art shows held in Blowing Rock each month during the summer. Lots of fine art photography sells here at each show. Also, there are several national quality outdoor art shows in and around Asheville, not to mention throughout western NC. Pick up a copy of Sunshine Artist magazine for art show listings.
Michael H. Cothran

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6/24/2005 4:11:23 PM

Austin Brodfuhrer   hey thanks Michael. Ill definately have to check out that magazine.

PS - the mystery town is actually Brevard, NC ;-)...good guess though!

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6/24/2005 4:26:44 PM

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