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Jerry Quimby
BetterPhoto Member Since: 6/21/2005

Canon 350D cost of Silver Body vs. Black Body

I have decided to buy a Canon 350D but have noticed that the Silver body is around $100 cheaper than the Black body version. Other than color, are there any real differences to warrant spending the extra money for Black?

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6/23/2005 11:33:26 PM

Stuart U   Jerry,

I too have noticed there is a slight difference in price. B&H Photo shows a $100 difference. That is until you add it to your cart. At that point the difference is $20.

I am waiting on my to be delivered this afternoon. I decided to go with the black after looking at them in a store. The silver just looks more fragile, in my opinion. And, most lenses are

As to your question about differences. I don't know of any. I can't find anything to say there is a difference. I think the black is a more popular color, so they can get a few more $$.


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6/24/2005 4:40:09 AM

Jon Close
BetterPhoto Member Since: 5/18/2000
  There isn't that large a price difference. Under the price for the black model, B&H notes "Add to cart for lower price." When you do you find the actual difference is about $20. As Stuart noted, the only difference between the silver and black XT's is the color. The black is more popular than the silver, so there is a discount on the silver (or premium on the black - depending on your point of view).

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6/24/2005 6:55:37 AM

Jerry Quimby
BetterPhoto Member Since: 6/21/2005
  I figured there wasn't but you never know. Thanks Stuart and Jon.

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6/24/2005 9:45:52 AM

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