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Selling Reprints

Hi, I got several wonderful pix of Antelope Canyon in Arizona. Here in UK they are quite a novelty, I guess I could sell them, the question is.. How much can I sell them for? The quality is really good, for example an enlargement of 30x40" costs me 30£ (40$), I will sell them unframed. A friend of mine will expose them on is centrally located bar... and lets hope... I need the£$£$ to buy a 18mm lens.

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Jim Miotke
BetterPhoto Member
Owner,, Inc.
  To quote Cameron Diaz in A Life Less Ordinary:
"Diamonds have no value except that which is placed upon them."
If you are going to try to sell your prints (in a gallery, restaurant, craft fair, or on a Web site) I would at the least figure out what you think it cost you to shoot it and triple it. Or just base it off of what you and your friends think of at the top of your head (150£, 300£, 500£...)
If you want to sell your images at stock, get the excellent book, Pricing Photography: The Complete Guide to Assignment and Stock Prices

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9/27/2001 3:09:03 AM

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