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Daniel Diaz
BetterPhoto Member Since: 4/20/2005

Which Camera to buy???

Hi guys, next month I'll have enough money to buy either a Nikon D70 or a Canon Rebel XT, I want to eventually take wedding pictures, portraits, ect... Which camera do you think would be more beneficial???


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6/13/2005 6:17:04 AM

Melissa  L. Zavadil
BetterPhoto Member Since: 2/26/2005
  Think long term. Look at the cameras of both in their 'pro line'. Look at the technology that both are devoloping and see which you might want to 'invest your money' in for the future. Lenses will far exceed the cost of your camera body in the end so your body is really only the start of a long investment.

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6/13/2005 7:24:50 AM

Kerry L. Walker   Considering the fact that both of these cameras are considered consumer level cameras and that both lines offer excellent pro level gear, it is really just a matter of personal taste. Handle each and see which one feels best in YOUR hands. You won't go wrong with either. Being consumer level cameras doesn't mean they don't take great pictures. Pro level cameras are just built to be more durable. Personally, for weddings and portrait work, I would prefer a MF camera.

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6/13/2005 7:40:58 AM

Tony Peckman   I completely agree with everything Kerry said. The D70 is larger than the XT so if you have smaller size hands, the XT will probably fit better. Go with what fits your hands and which camera feels easier for you to manuver around. You will LOVE either camera.

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6/13/2005 9:22:19 AM

Daniel Diaz
BetterPhoto Member Since: 4/20/2005
  Thanks guys, is there any distinct differences between the two, The rebel sells for about $300.00 less, is there any reason other than the lens of the D70 to justify the price difference. Also I sometimes shoot Mixed Martial arts fights, how much differnce would the shutter speed 1/8000 of a sec(D70) be vs 1/4000 sec(XT), for this type of shooting?

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6/13/2005 10:21:47 AM

Angela K. Wittmer
BetterPhoto Member Since: 7/13/2003
  I just bought the D70 & love it. The selling point for me was it felt better in my hands & I have a Nikon N80 film camera that I can swap lenses with it. I just got some pics back I did this weekend with the D70 & they are fantastic! The D70 does not offer an ISO of 100, it starts at 200. I guess just ask as many questions as you can think of & hold them in your hands & feel which one feels the best. Good luck to you as they are both very nice cameras.

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6/13/2005 11:55:57 AM

Christopher A. Vedros
BetterPhoto Member Since: 3/14/2005
  Daniel, a few more points to consider:

You should keep in mind that you are comparing a 6 MegaPixel camera (D70) to an 8 MegaPixel camera (RebelXT).

Dpreview's review of the Rebel XT makes some comparisons to the D70 that may be helpful to you:

Canon Rebel XT

Don't waste much time comparing the kit lens from one camera to the kit lens of another. These lenses are average at best, and you'll outgrow them before long.

Unless your martial artists are dodging bullets in the Matrix, 1/4000 sec should be fast enough to freeze anything.

The small size of the Rebel XT comes up a lot. I held one in a store and it did feel pretty small to me, since I'm used to the original Digital Rebel. If size is a problem, don't write off Canon. The Canon 20D is only about $100 more than the Nikon D70, so you might want to consider it as well.

Sorry if I've only made your decision harder.

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6/13/2005 11:54:43 PM

Daniel Diaz
BetterPhoto Member Since: 4/20/2005
  Yes you did Chris, hahahahahaha, well I guess I'll investigate the 20D also!!!

Thanks Guys and Gals!

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6/14/2005 1:47:17 AM

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