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tips and advice on photographing in the bahamas

I recently purchased a canon 20d- LOVE IT (except the lens it came with) I've taken over 4000!!! pictures in the past couple of months. But I don't go to the beach often and am going on this once in a lifetime trip to the Bahmas and want to take great pictures. I'll be on a yacht, the beach and sightsee the islands some. I purchased polarizing lenses but haven't experimented yet. I have the 18-55 lens, a 28-90 and a 70-300. I'm learning alot about digital photographing and would love any and all advice. I also have 2 4gb cards so I can photograph EVERYthing. Can't wait to hear from everyone

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6/7/2005 3:18:56 PM

Christopher A. Vedros
BetterPhoto Member Since: 3/14/2005

There were some really good tips given in this thread about beach and tropical photography:

Camera Protection: Beach Lovers' Advice Needed!

Have a great trip!

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6/7/2005 10:48:36 PM

Dan P. Brodt   Catherine, with taking so many pictures even though you seem to have enough memory cards, you might want to think about a small 20-40GB storage device like the Epson P2000 or others. I had heat react to my CF card while in Aruba and I lost some nice shots.

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6/8/2005 7:27:01 AM

John Werner
BetterPhoto Member Since: 6/8/2005

The p2000 is good but I have run into a couple of problems with it. I'm not sure yet if it has to do with mine or the p2000 in general. If you are going to do any diving while on vacation getting a underwater kit for your camera is worth the expense. The disposable kid are no match for a digital slr.

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6/8/2005 8:04:07 AM

John Werner
BetterPhoto Member Since: 6/8/2005
  Sorry that should have been:

"The disposable kind are no match for a digital slr."

I also wanted to mention that I will be in the Bahamas this month (starting 6/10) through the first of July. If you are going to be there then maybe we can meet and I'll show you some great photo opportunities and buy you dinner.

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6/8/2005 8:12:00 AM

Terry  R. Hatfield
BetterPhoto Member Since: 1/4/2003
  Cathrine Check With This Nice Lady She Lives In Nassau She Is A Bp Member That Can Probally Show You Things You Would Normally Miss! Have Fun On Your Trip!!This Is The Link To Her Gallery!!

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6/8/2005 9:29:29 AM

Cathrine    thanks for the tips so far. I feel awkward about contacting anyone- I'm a new digital photographer and don't want to be a lead weight on anyone. I have alway been the one to carry a camera everywhere and want to capture memories, don't let them get away. But I just love taking pictures, I'm not professional. What about polarizing lenses- heard you don't want to be around the sun and water without one- has anyone else heard that? do you like photographing with a polarizing lens? also heard about a water cover for a nikon camera that costs about $35- not underwater but seems like it'd be great protection for spray and sand- is there anything like it for the canon 20d? I leave in three days now (!!!) so hope I could find something at a store. I did already purchase shower caps but this nikon piece had a special part that came out and covered over the lens.

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6/8/2005 11:47:50 PM

Cathrine    I had an amazing time in the Bahamas- we stayed at Guana Cay near Marsh Harbor. I also was amazed at how big just the Abacos Bahamas are- the only other Cays we visited were ManOWar and Hope Town- besides some shopping in Marsh Harbor. It would take a lifetime to explore the Bahamas- so much to try to capture on film. I didn't have time to sleep! I posted my very first downloaded photos on my gallery and would love some feedback. My camera survived just fine, even multiple trips on the dingy and on the dive boat- I do plan to take it in for service cleaning. Thanks for the advice and I'm excited to share just a few of my pictures.

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7/5/2005 9:10:58 AM

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