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Andrus Fowler

Cross Processing C-41 / E-6

I use mostly slide film because of the intense colors. What is, if any, the benefit of Cross Processing? I have heard it makes the colors pop more. Is this true or is it more the quality of the photo and the experiance of the developer. I prefer a more artistic look to my photos ... almost like a painting. Is this a technique you would recommend? Is this process something that can be used on slides I already have or do you cross process from the beginning and then I choose which slide I like and have it printed. Also, do you have any suggestions of websites that would give me an idea of the "correct" end result? Last question.. are the colors more intense C41 using E6 processing or the other way around? Thanks for all of your help.

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6/2/2005 1:34:34 PM

Michael H. Cothran   There are NO "benefits" to cross processing per say. It is simply a "CREATIVE" technique, which will yield very skewed colors and strong contrast. Sometimes wild and exciting, and sometimes just yucky.
Cross processing normally involves shooting E6 slide film, and having it processed in C41. My advise - Try it! The results aren't always usable, but it's always fun.
Michael H. Cothran

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6/3/2005 8:27:42 AM

Andrus Fowler   Thank you Michael for your help. Question - When I drop off my slide film for processing do I just request C41 processing or do I need to instruct them further? Also, when you say skewed do you mean the colors bleed into each other. Thanks again!

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6/3/2005 9:11:40 AM

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