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senthil kumar

Difference between SLR & TLR camera

hi please anybody can tell me what
is the difference between SLR & TLR camera

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5/30/2005 2:41:32 AM

Karthik M. Siddhun
BetterPhoto Member Since: 4/19/2005
  Hi ,

Read the contents in this following link, which will tell you everything in detail about TLR.

And for SLR Camera basic working principles :-

With Regards,

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5/30/2005 5:51:47 AM

Kerry L. Walker   SLR = single lens reflex - You are viewing through the sames lens that takes the picture.

TLR = twin lens reflex. Has 2 lenses, one to view through and one to take the picture. No mirror involved. Can flash sync. at any speed.

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5/30/2005 6:27:59 AM

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