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Nicolle May 


I think I have been scammed.. I entered a picture at and ordered my so called book almost a year ago with the promise of it being here by september. After reading all your responses about this I am thinking that I have made a huge mistake... Is there anyway I can get my money back? I have tried emailing them but it keeps bouncing back saying address unknown. I can't ring international numbers from my phone.. Any suggestions?

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5/23/2005 1:38:54 PM

Kerry L. Walker   You haven't really been scammed but you have been suckered. You will get your book, as soon as enough people have been suckered to fill up a book.

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5/23/2005 1:41:24 PM

Kerry L. Walker   I hope I didn't offend you by saying you have been suckered. These people prey on your vanity by promising you will get published, and you will. However, all it takes to get published in their book is the price you paid for the book. The photo you sent in may be quite worthy of being published, but there will be many in the book that weren't. Sorry.

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5/23/2005 1:45:22 PM

Nicolle May    I wasn't offended at all. I just feel stupid even though I searched the company online and did what else I thought I was supposed to do to make sure they were for real before I paid for my book.. I have a friend in the US who is ringing them for me as I want a refund I don't want the book anymore...

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5/23/2005 5:47:12 PM

Julie M. Cwik
BetterPhoto Member Since: 3/2/2005
  Nicolle, I too sent in an image and "won" all these wonderful titles and was able to have a chance to buy all this extra stuff. I however didn't buy anything, because it was a lot of money to spend to have just one 3x5 or smaller image in a book. However, my little brother took a picture of (honest to god) dog crap, and sent it in, and he too won awards, and the chance to buy a book that his image would be published in. Not many people will check out to see what the history of the company is because it appeals to our creative side making us think "Here's our chance to hit it big, being published in a book." Don't feel bad, they get a lot of people everyday

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5/23/2005 6:13:35 PM

Michael H. Cothran   Julie is so right in that there are vain, gullible people who fall for this #$^%#@ everyday. And, as Kerry stated, there are just as many snakes out there waiting to prey on these people.

Good news is I can fix it for you. If you'll send me a check for $25 to cover a small processing fee, I'll not only get you your money back, but guarantee you a top ten finalist position in our million dollar sweepstake!!
Sound too good to be true?? It is. Keep your $25!

Just remember this -
A legitimate publisher will pay YOU for the priviledge of using your image, not the other way around.
Don't fall for deals that require funds out of your pocket. You'll only get suckered in, and possibly totally scammed. Wise up!
Michael H. Cothran

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5/24/2005 6:28:47 AM

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