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Vince Warwick
BetterPhoto Member Since: 5/4/2004

120 B&W Film Darkroom Setup

Hi, Can anyone recommend a darkroom kit for developing B&W 120 Film?

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5/23/2005 9:16:57 AM

Michael H. Cothran   A few decades ago one could buy an enlarger kit with two lenses - 50mm and 80mm for enlarging 35mm and 120 respectively. Not so anymore. There are no "kits" available to my knowledge, at least with decent enlargers, but there are only three differences in what you need for 120 as opposed to printing 35mm:
1. You'll need an enlarging lens of 80mm for 645/66 negs, and a 100-135mm for 67/68/69 negs.
2. You'll need the appropriate size negative carrier.
3. You'll need a deeper developing tank (8oz for one roll of 120 or 16oz for two rolls of 120), and a couple of 120 reels.
Other than that, your equipment will be the same as that needed for 35mm.
Note - When you buy an enlarger, some offer an "XL" version which has a longer column. I'd opt for that if possible.
Michael H. Cothran

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5/23/2005 11:10:45 AM

Vince Warwick
BetterPhoto Member Since: 5/4/2004
  Thanks for the advice Michael very helpful.



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5/24/2005 1:10:01 AM

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