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Fahad Shabbir

Soft focus

How can I create a soft focus look in my potrait photo shoots ..I don't have any special filters..what can I use.

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2/25/2001 2:15:21 PM

Ken Pang   If you have a UV filter you don't want, dip your finger into vaseline or petroleum jelly, and smear a very small amount onto the filter evenly. This gives you a gentle blurred effect. Alternatively, streak it one direction to give it a dreamy motion effect. Note that I say "you don't want". While you can get it off with household detergent and a lot of work, it's more trouble than it's worth, really.

Alternatively, get some translucent tissue paper, cut it into a size that will cover your lens, then cut a largish circular hole through the centre. This will mean the centre of your photo is very slightly blurry, and gets blurrier as it goes towards the edges. Great for head portraiture.

The best solution though, is to get a special filter - a diffuser or a softener.

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2/26/2001 7:02:29 AM

  Two other ways of achieving a soft focus effect are:
1)Breath on the lens then quickly take the shot before the mist dissappears.
though this way is a bit hit and miss.

2)Buy a piece of gauze and hold it close to the camera lens as you take the shot. You can use black or white gauze and experiment with the effect of either.

Hope this has helped.

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3/4/2001 4:06:01 AM

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