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OldShoe Photo

Would someone review my gallery?

I would love to hear comments about the pics in my gallery. My name is Shelly Edwards and I would appreciate all comments Use the contact me option in my gallery please

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5/7/2005 6:59:13 AM

Kerry L. Walker   I will be back later to comment more but I do want to say you are doing a good job. Keep it up!

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5/7/2005 7:22:37 AM

OldShoe Photo   Thank you Kerry I am rather new at this and have always dreampt of taking professional quality photos, and with help from others, I may get to where I want to be in the photo world.

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5/7/2005 7:59:02 AM

Samuel Smith
BetterPhoto Member Since: 1/21/2004
  shelly,i checked your gallery,now if you could have the bird take the picture?then what?
geeeez,my gallery is just everyday shots.
contest? have you entered?
what do your freinds think?or you?

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5/8/2005 10:43:10 PM

Karthik M. Siddhun
BetterPhoto Member Since: 4/19/2005
  Hi Shelly!

You images are nice. particularly, "precious Moment"-- Quite natural and really a nice shot, looks like they are unware of you taking pic,

"Spring is Here" shows your focus on subject very much.

"Birds Are a Glift from Heaven" --- good, but shall I give you one suggestion, When you take shots of sky, You can bring the deep blue, if you keep a goggle (if you have one) before the digital camera lens!

I have done so...hahhaha, I donot have that much money to invest UV filter!! ( later opne day, I may buy it).

Since you have a camera superior than mine, I am giving this suggestion.

Let me know, how your camera produced the result.

With Regards,

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5/8/2005 11:30:23 PM

OldShoe Photo   Samuel, your pics are very nice.Very relaxing looking sunset. Im afraid I dont quite understand your comment about the Yes I do have 3 pics in the contest at this time.

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5/9/2005 6:41:00 AM

Kerry L. Walker   I like Lovebord (the last one posted) but it seems a bit out of focus when blown up. It could be just the compression down to 72 ppi causing that look. It's a good, tight shot.

I really like Birds are a Gift From heaven. It has a somewhat surreal look to it.

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5/9/2005 10:08:09 AM

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