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Cara Farnell

How to store film on a road trip

I am planning a cross country road trip for the months of June and July through some of the hottest states. I would prefer to bring all of my film with me so I don't get stuck paying higher prices at tourist traps. How can I make sure the film won't be ruined on the drive? Helpful info: I will have a cooler and will be stopping at a motel once or twice a week. Thanks so much!

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5/4/2005 9:59:39 AM

James M. Feldman   check around for these 12v coolers. They plug in the lighter socket and will generally keep things about 40F cooler than air temp. That assumes you don't park in Phoenix with the windows up in July. Walmart/Target/PepBoys/Checker will probably carry them for under $50 for a smaller one.

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5/4/2005 10:04:04 AM

Mark Feldstein
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  Hi Cara: Sure, you can cool your film electrically or the old(er) fashioned way which is using an ice chest and a bag or two of crushed ice. Also handy for keeping your lunch and some beverages. If you go with the ice, store your film in its original containers inside zip lock plastic bags to keep out moisture/condensation.

Also, in either case remember that after being cooled or frozen, film needs to get up to operating temperature before use. That's usually about an hour for refrigerated, and I'd wait a few hours for frozen film. Again, keep it in the original container until it's up to ambient temp to prevent condensation.

Bon voyage ;>)

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5/4/2005 6:25:01 PM

Mark Feldstein
BetterPhoto Member Since: 3/17/2005
  BTW, in the absence of bagged ice, you can get a bunch of refreezable blue ice packets and use those in your ice box instead. The problem is refreezing them when you're on the road. M.

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5/4/2005 6:28:08 PM

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