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Margaret L. Castellanos
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Help with Couple (Prom) Poses

My daughter has asked me take her prom photos in lieu of the stock photographer at the dance. Does anyone have some ideas on good couple poses I could use that don't look staged?

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5/3/2005 10:06:47 AM

Laura Roth   If it is a nice day out before the prom, how about some outdoor shots with trees? Guy standing against the tree at an angle to the camera, your daughter leaning against the guy at a similar angle, both looking off-frame while cuddling (assuming that they are going steady) this may not be useful if they're just friends. If the weather's bad, find a nice place in the hall and have her pretend (or actually do it) to pin his flower on or just ask them to stand there and start being goofy... shoot away while they do whatever they're doing and you should get one or two good natural shots.

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5/3/2005 12:33:40 PM

Linda Collins   I did some last year. I had the girl stand in front of a mirror while her mom fiddled with her dress (the back was gorgeous, the girl opening the door (as if the guy was there), opening the door with the guy there, sitting in his pickup looking out the back window as if they were leaving, girl with her arms across the arm of the sofa looking pensive. I desaturated that pose and colorized her bouquet on her wrist, poses of her pinning on his boutonnier and once again desaturated everything but the flowers. Those won't work for your dance photos, but would work for your daughter.
Kids love to strike poses, so I'd let them play around. Sometimes the goofy shots are the most memorable. There are stock shots like she's at the table, resting her elbow, and the guy behind. Have you looked at sites where they do Senior Portraits?
With posing, if they have a bendable joint, bend it. Standing at slight angle, weight on back foot, slenderizes most, no balled up fists under the chin, guys one hand slightly in pocket, etc.

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4/29/2006 6:00:04 AM

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