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Jean C. Connolly

Best way to resize photos in software program

What is the best way to resize images downloaded form my Olympus C-2100 UZ?
When images download from the camera they are huge at 1600x1200 pixels.

The only way to reduce the image size in the camera is to shoot in TIFF and change the mode to 640x480. But TIFF files take so much memory in the camera, and I don't need that much information when printing smaller photos. In SHQ or HQ mode the image is set at 1600x1200. In SQ mode the image quality is not as good as the other modes.

The 1600x1200 size is 22x16 inches, a very large file before saving. I most often want to produce a 5x7 print or at most 8x10 on an HP DeskJet 970Cse which is 600 dpi.

Since I am still in the testing stage, I have several software programs: Photoshop LE, Paintshop Pro 7, Adobe Photo delux both 2.0 and 4.0. They all tell me to either change the pixel numbers, change pixels per inch, set the size in inches, or resize from handles on image which is totally unsatisfactory.

When looking at the information on the image, the the default is 72 ppi which creates the large picture. I reset the ppi to 150 and the image was close to 8x10.

My question is which is the better way to reduce the image from the software. Change pixel numbers or change ppi or something else?

Thank you for any help.

PS: One more question. What do you think of saving images in Flashpix format?

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2/16/2001 7:28:14 PM

doug Nelson   Jean,
Unless you're absolutely sure you will only want screen resolution for photos to e-mail or put on a web site, always shoot at your highest resolution. Stick with TIF, and be glad your camera can do it. I will be giving a talk to Appalachian Trail hikers next month, and I will be telling them that the big tragedy waiting to happen in digtal is taking a truly wonderful picture that is limited by its low resolution and/or by over-manipulating a JPEG file. If file size is a bother, buy bigger cards, like 128 MB, or invest in the IBM microdrive.
You have Photoshop LE; great. It's all you need. In Image/Image Size, scale your images. That means to leave that resample box off. That sounds like what you did to change 72 ppi to 150. You did it RIGHT.
What is the lowest input resolution your printer needs? Make HP tell you. My guess is about 300 ppi, but you might get away with 240. The old HP's only needed 150. Anyway, put that ppi figure in the resolution block and watch the dimensions. What this tells you is that you really don't have the ppi(pixels-per-inch)needed for a good 8 x 10, but you surely do for a really great smaller print. Use Resample only if you're resampling down, such as dropping the resolution to 72 to make your TIF into a JPEG to send someone. Resampling UP, ie. making the file size bigger, causes the software to pull pixels from nowhere. This NEVER results in a better image, although it might do in a pinch.

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6/25/2001 10:33:19 AM

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