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Camera, Lens and Filters

I consider myself as an amateur travel photographer. I am off to Europe on vacation next month and hoping for some great photo opportunities. So far my camera kit used to have a Canon EOS 50 SLR, Canon 28-80 USM lens and Canon 80-300 USM lens and few essential filters.. Now considering that Iíll be trying to capture some large scale castles, cathedrals and palaces in Europe and also some mountain landscape in Interlaken, I am going to order a 19-35 mm Tamron Lens to cover more view than earlier. Now few questions:

1) I have never used any lens in that range of 19-28 mm . Is there anything important that I need to keep in mind while shooting through that wide angle lens? I just don't want to repent later after coming back from Europe . So any cautions/tips would be of great help.

2) I had used circular Polarizer filter earlier to good effect while shooting mountain landscape but while I am in a city and looking at historical buildings etc, is there any need to use Polarizer filter ( if darkening the sky blue is not the ultimate requirement ). Other than to take of the shine from a building or a glass material or making the sky more blue in colour is there any other requirement to use a circular polarizer when I am shooting historical building or people in a city ? Is it a good idea to always use a polarizer filter no matter where I am and what I am shooting ( except while using flash ) ? I always gets confused between the use of a circular polarizer and a Neutral density filter in the above situations, when to use which one ? I have a ND 0.6 filter and a Circular polarizer filters.

Will appreciate some guidance on these queries.


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4/26/2005 9:23:26 PM

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