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Brad silcott

Canon AE-P Users or Some One

What does the little button under the AE lock button do? I also wanted to ask what is the purpose of pushing the AE lock button when I check the DOF? According to the manual you are supposed to push the shutter half way down.Then check the F/Number then push the AE LOCK .....then turn the appeture dial to that number and then hit the DOF preview lock. and then reverse the order to quit viewing your DOF. But what is the Purpose of using the AE LOCK. I accidently hit the Button below the AE LOCK and worried about what that button does.

Brad S.

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4/18/2005 10:15:35 PM

Jon Close
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  AE-P = AE-1 Program? I have that camera. The little button under the AE Lock button is the Exposure Preview button. It activates the meter, the same as a half-press of the shutter button.

The AE-1 P has full program autoexposure or shutter-priority autoexposure. It does not have aperture-priority AE, but you can adjust the shutter speed in to get the aperture setting you desire. However, the shutter button and shutter speed wheel are both actuated with your right index finger, so you cannot half-press the shutter and change shutter speeds at the same time while metering. Instead there is the Exposure Preview button that you press with a finger on your left hand to activate the meter while you change shutter speeds with your right.

Pressing the Exposure Preview button accidentally is no big. ;)

With respect to using DOF Preview, the instructions in the manual are causing confusion. There is an AE LOCK BUTTON on the camera (small silver button just above the black Exposure Preview button), but that's not what the instructions are referring. To turn the aperture to the desired setting you must first press the AE LOCK PIN (next to "A" on the lens aperture ring).

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4/19/2005 6:38:25 AM

Brad silcott   Oh ok. I have run this camera for almost a year now. I have been letting the camera adjust my ap. and I have been adjusting the shutter. So what your saying is to check DOF. That pin there talking about is the Silver one of the lens next to the A? Man I knew that! That manual Sucks. Thanks for anwsering my questions. The manual has a red arrow pointing to a black button on the side under the connection for a flash. They say that is AE Lock. and I have noticed when I press that the App. is in hte view finder just like I pressed the Shutter half way. Makes since why did that I just wish that manual made more since. \

"AE-P = AE-1 Program"

Yep just couldn't type yesterday :)

"Pressing the Exposure Preview button accidentally is no big. ;)"

GOOD I get a little neverous when I hit something like that. I was just a little curious no matter what I push once I get the shutter speed back to PROGRAM and hte Apperture back to A. I will be using Program right. See in the manual they made it sound like my appeture wouldn't correct until I hit the AE Lock.

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4/19/2005 7:15:47 AM

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