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Ben F
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Lens choices

Hi all, just after a bit of advice...

Ive got a canon eos 300v with the twins lens kit it came with (28-90 and 90 - 300 mm) both canon lenses.
Im now thinking I might invest in another lense, but im not sure what I want.

Any ideas???.. I thought of maybe a macro lens but I dont know too much about them, although id really like to try takin closeups of insects n flowers n stuff like that..
What are the good brands, and more importantly, is macro macro or are there different types. Meaning - some will be able to focus closer to objects than others .. is that correct?...

Someone suggested I get a wide angle lens. Im not really sure what this is.. any suggestions/ideas are greatly appreciated!!

thanks all..

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4/13/2005 2:13:43 AM

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  This thread has very good discussion about macro lens:

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4/13/2005 8:26:56 AM

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