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Srividya Narasimhan
BetterPhoto Member Since: 11/13/2004

critique plz

can u plz critique my work ? u can see my photos at my premium gallery.
i really need someone to help me improve.

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4/12/2005 6:17:00 PM

John P. Sandstedt
BetterPhoto Member Since: 8/8/2001
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  I'll take a shot at critiquing your images:

First - why waste time shooting pictures of another's piece of art? Even if the images come out well, they will never be prize winners!

Doodh Sagar Falls - There is really no subject; the water spray steals any detail from the rocks.

My Friends - picture should be cropped to get rid of wasted areas on both sides. Should have been a vertical shot.

Sunset in Goa - Image seems underexposed. The sun doesn't blow me away; there's too much water. There's no colors in the sky - perhaps, the picture wasn't taken at the best time.

Peek-a-Boo - don't understand the Title. While I like the picture, it doesn't tell a story, show a specific or unique location, etc.

Tulips and Pink Bulbs - I like the colors but there's something about the placement of the camera. In Tulips, I'd like to see a little more of the stems at the bottom as it seems they are "cut-off."

The Road Ahead - the road leads the viewer to nothing. So??? I'm also disturbed by the patch of grass at the lower left. I think a vertical view might have been better - but, I'm very partial to vertical shots.

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4/13/2005 1:14:50 PM

Kerry L. Walker   I agree with John on the art pictures. Nice to take if you just want to remember the art but otherwise, no thrill. Waterfall really has no detail. My Friends should have been a vertical. Two people should almost always be a vertical, unless they are only a small paer of the photo. Sunset - a little underexposed. Would benefit from a little more exposure and smoething in the foreground. One other thing, don't put the horizon in the middle of a photo (usually, but not always). Flowers would have been better, in my opinion, if you had gotten lower and raised the camera, placing the flowers as a foreground object running into the background. The Road Ahead - would have been a better shot of you had framed the people and the pink flowering tree with two of the trees in the middle ground of this photo. The road itself does nothing for me. If you had had a subject, someone for example, down the road, maybe in the middle, with the lines leading to them, it would have been a good shot. Peek-a-Boo - Don't get the title either but I don't care. I LIKE this shot. I really like it. The only thing that could have helped would have been using a polarizer to darken the sky. This may not have been possible. Depends on the location of the sun. Really like this one! Don't take the criticism personally. You should hear me criticize my own photos! Your photos, for the most part, are well exposed and you have some good ideas. Keep shooting and you will improve.

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4/13/2005 1:56:37 PM

Karma Wilson
BetterPhoto Member Since: 6/27/2004
  As an aside, a picture of art was a grand prize winner a few months back. The person made the art unique to them by adding their child in a humorous way.

Agree with the critiques here except think that peekaboo was well composed but should have been shot early morning or late afternoon with ND filter and slower shutter speed, but that might not be possible with the poster's camera. I think also that some things are better closer--you could have made the flowers unique by getting in close and choosing a unique perspective.

Good luck and keep shooting. In depth critiques taken to heart improve me every time!


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4/13/2005 6:12:41 PM

Srividya Narasimhan
BetterPhoto Member Since: 11/13/2004
  thanx so much , all of u.I am so new to this field. I wanted to hear some comments about my photos and I got a few suggestions to improve too. I truly appreciate ur comments. The Peek-a-boo was shot with a polarizing filter at around 5PM. I will try to incorporate all ur suggestions and submit a better set of photos next time. thx again.

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4/13/2005 11:06:34 PM

Kerry L. Walker   If the Peek-a-boo photo was shot with a polarizer, it was at a time the sun just wouldn't cooperate. Nothing you can do about that. I agree with Karma about this shot but I also disagree. I like the way that part of the shot is in bright sun and part is in deep shade. It gives the photo a feeling of tranquility and makes me feel like I am there. Take Karma's suggestion and try shooting it early and/or late in the day. You will get a different feeling and, probably, two more good pictures. My thoughts on flowers are this. Either get close and get one or two flowers or back off and make them a carpet foreground for a background object (if there is one there). Regarding the artwork, the addition of a child would be an excellent idea, whether humorous or serious. It just adds to the photo.

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4/14/2005 6:48:30 AM

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