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Manish Issar

what kind of lens to purchase

i have a standard 50mm lens on a canon Eos rebel. I would like to purchase a canon zoom lens. my budget is $200. which is the best choice keeping in mind a decent output and its price. I wish to photograph landscapes in the near future. additionally I have Q, can one do close ups using a zoom lens keeping enough distance with the object?
thanks guys

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4/12/2005 8:31:17 AM

Uriah H. Carr   Manish,

Your best choice of lens is the one that will best enable you to capture the particular type of image you wish to capture. Since you want to photograph landscapes, you will want to inform yourself about what types of lenses work best for landscapes. I think -- I could be wrong so do your own investigation -- that a wide zoom is the best lens for landscapes because its long focal length brings distant scenes such as landscapes into close view while maintaining a panoramic, wide-angle of view.

Closeness to a subject impacts the focal length of a lens on the basis of camera-to-subject distance. Picture in your mind what types of subjects you want to get close to, then go to a camera shop and try lenses on your Rebel of different focal lengths. When a particular lens provides the composition that feels right, buy it.

If you want to do close-ups on tiny objects, get a macro lens.

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4/16/2005 10:30:48 PM

John P. Sandstedt
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  I think your budget may be too small to purchase Canon lenses. Don't be afraid of aftermarket lenses. Check out lens reviews in Pop Photo or Petersen's Photographic.

I've been using a Tamron 28-200 mm zoom for more than 8 years [of course, it's the first generation of a lens that's been updated three times without substantive improvement.] It, and its upgrades, are far superior to the Canon 28-200 zoom.

Lenses are the heart of your picture taking. Don't purchase cheap; buy the very best you can afford and wait [save] if you need to.

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4/19/2005 9:13:44 AM

BetterPhoto Member Since: 5/28/2002
  I used a Canon EF 28-135 IS USM lens on my primary camera and a Tamron 28-200 (2nd generation) on my backup. The Tamron is a very good all purpose lens that I would recommend that is close to your price range (about $250 new). Great for landscape and medium telephoto purposes. I have a set of 3 close-up filters (+1, +2 and +4) from Tiffen and tried them on the Canon Lens. Focusing has to be manual and moving the camera closer or further from the subject. The results were acceptable. I have not tried them on the Tamron lens yet. If you want to do true macro at a long distance, you probably need a macro lens at the 180mm range, and that is VERY expensive. Hope this helps.

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4/19/2005 1:13:48 PM

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