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Rose Marie Zizzo

How to set up a make shift studio

I photograph pedigree persian cats and I have a small room I want to set up a make shift studio in. I went to a cat show and I went inside a sort of like square dark tent and that is where all the professtional photo's were taken at the cat shows I want something similar to that here at home in my small space. What color material should I buy? I have alot of light in this area. Does the light have to be at my back towards the cats? ANy help would be appreciate so much Thanks so much

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4/9/2005 5:28:17 PM

Mark Feldstein
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  Hi Rose Marie: While you could work with available light from windows, the general concept behind any studio, whether make-shift or permanent is to be able to control the light. That includes ambient light from windows. Besides, having the light at your back (assuming the subject is in front of you) may tend to create shadows on the subjects. Side-light would be better if you could get them to hold still.

Rather than rigging an indoor tent, you could start by buying some sheets of black fomecore (styrofoam panels) to tape over the window openings. You can use additional sheets of fomecore as reflector panels (if one side is white) and use something like gaffers or duct tape to make a pen out of to put the cats in perhaps to make them easier to work with and keep them from wandering too much. [Maybe a large dog to act as a security guard?? . Then rig your lighting and camera accordingly and blast away.
Take it light.

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4/9/2005 6:36:03 PM

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