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Jenny A. Lee

Ideas for portraits that include basketball

I am about to have my senior portraits made, and I would love to have some with a basketball. I don't want anything lame like me spinning the ball or whatever. Does anyone have any suggestions for poses that would be original?

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4/8/2005 3:44:19 PM


I think some nice shots would be of you.

1. In your basketball uniform, with the pose as though you were taking a free-throw shot (side pose, not front)

2. You kneeling on one leg, with the ball proped on your other leg with your elbow resting on the ball.

3. Laying on your side with your head proped on your hand (as though you're in the floor watching t.v.) with the ball in the front of your belly with your other hand proped on it.

Hope this helps.


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4/8/2005 5:53:15 PM

Bob Cammarata
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  I too, thought of Bryan's #3 suggestion,...only lying in bed, if asleep.

Another thought, a shot of you standing mid-court looking at the camera and shrugging your shoulders nonchalantly,...while in the background a basketball falls through the hoop for a perfect "swish".
(You may need a few assistants to pull this off, though.) ;)

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4/9/2005 4:03:31 PM

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