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Adrian Dunn

landscapes shots

I'm going to eastern europe and would like to take good landscape and nature shots has anyone got any useful tips. And maybe be able to sell these photos like prague castle, thermal baths in budapest , national parks. Has anyone got any ideas on this I was thinking of putting them on fabric or/and enlarging them and putting them in a frame.

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4/8/2005 12:34:34 PM


If you have a landscaping mode on your camera, set it and shoot away. I don't know what kind of camera you use, but mine is a canon rebel g 35mm. I use this mode alot. Another good investment (if you don't already have them) would be to get a red filter for scenes with the skyline in them. a polorizer filter to make the sky look more blue. A uv filter to lessen the uv effect on your pictures. And last, but not least use fill-in flash out-doors, even in the daytime. hope this helps. Oh! one more thing, always use your tri-pod for landscaping shots.


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4/8/2005 6:15:50 PM

doug Nelson   Always have something, flowers, overhanging branches, even a large rock in the foreground to give your scene some depth. Shots off an overlook at a valley are almost always boring.

If it's depth of field you want (everything in focus, from close up all the way back), shoot at smaller apertures (f8 all the way to f16 or 22). This may result in a slow shutter. For me, at 1/60 sec and slower, I try to use a tripod.

Shoot flowers, interesting doorways, windows, close-ups of market vegetables, etc to narrow your view. Shoot some vertical shots as well. Shoot through arches, doorways and windows. Be sure to include people. Shoot in early morning and late evening, as the light is always better then. I specialize in travel photgraphy. See if there's something on my site you like. Look at other peoples' photos, National Geographic and National Geographic Travel.

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4/15/2005 10:17:09 AM

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