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Sue E. Webster

external flash or not

I have a nikon 8700 that I bought mainly for basketball games. I also have an external flash. It seems that my pictures are better without the external flash. Am I doing something wrong on the settings. The pictures without it are still a little dark. Help!!!

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3/18/2005 7:17:11 AM

Kerry L. Walker   How are they better w/o the external flash? Can you upload some examples?

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3/18/2005 8:04:36 AM

Sue E. Webster   I have already enhanced them in photo shop. But they seem to be darker with the external flash. Thanks for responding, any hints are welcomed.

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3/21/2005 6:40:18 AM

Kerry L. Walker   Sounds like the external flahs may not be strong enough for the f/stop you are using. Not sure. Maybe some other folks will have some suggestions.

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3/21/2005 6:45:35 AM

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