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Wendy Hickman

Dark Church Film 400 or 800

Hi, I am going to be shooting a wedding in an old dark church. There is no natural light coming in, there are stained glass windows with very little light coming through. There is tungsten lighting so I will be using an 80A filter and either 400 or 800 Porta or Fuji film. I understand that the filter will cut the light getting to the film and should open up 1-2 fstops. I have a flash on a bracket and am wondering if the flash is going to affect the photos adversely or would I be better just using the 800 film with wide aperature and no flash?
I have been reading up on it and asked the Q at another forum and am still somewhat unsure of what to do. I am going back to the church tomorrow or Thursday to do some test shots. Any help/ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Help! Kind Regards, Wendy

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3/15/2005 11:45:21 PM

Wendy Hickman   PS I will be using my Canon AE-1 with the 50 mm lens.

Thanks Again.

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3/15/2005 11:47:15 PM

Kerry L. Walker   I can only tell you what I would do. I would use flash when permitted - no filter needed. When flash is not permitted, place the camera on a tripod, attach the filter and shoot with a cable release. I would stick with 400 speed film. 800 is still a little too grainy to use except where absolutely necessary.

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3/16/2005 6:38:11 AM

Wendy Hickman   Hi Kerry, Thank you for the response, this helps!


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3/16/2005 9:08:15 AM

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