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dennis w. mcclain

making your own backdrops

ok this is not really a question but I didnt know were else to put it. I just made my first sucessfull backdrop. get a paiece of canvas, as wide as you can find and long as u want. then dye it with rit dye the base color you want. then with paint, I used the sponging fuax finish that people use on walls, it work out great here is an example with a brown backdrop and red sponging, and a little tan to break it up. any questions on this just respond to this string. I used the digital cat. becasue thats what I shoot

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3/2/2005 5:50:17 PM

Willie    Nice Backdrop Dennis,
I recently made my own black background simply by purchasing some velvet. Apparently this does not reflect light. I ran some test and it looks nice and Black. But holy cow it's expensive. $19.00 per yard.
Also it was hard to find right now because it is mostly around during the holiday season for fancy dresses.

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3/3/2005 2:37:31 AM

Diane Dupuis
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  Hi Dennis - very creative and pretty backdrop.
Willie - stretchy velour goes for about $9 a yard and that little bit of lycra helps reduce the wrinkling. I've also read somewhere that velux blankets can work great - and can easily be washed and thrown in the dryer.

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3/4/2005 2:57:49 AM

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