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Geoff A. Rupp

Best Digital SLR for family photos

I am relatively new to the science of taking photos, but have taken quite a few photos of my kids trying to capture the memories. I have been using a Sony DSC-S85 and it has done okay for me, but I would really like to learn more about taking better photos.

I have been looking at buying a digital SLR camera for taking pictures of my kids and family(I have two year- old twins). I have been looking at purchasing the new Canon EOS digital rebel XT, but was curious to hear others thoughts. I also would like to hear some recommendations on the best possible lens to use for this type of photography. Generally I am taking photographs with the kids from 10 to 15 feet away in different lighting situations.

Would be interested in any help that could be provided by the expertise shown here.

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3/1/2005 10:28:32 PM

BetterPhoto Member Since: 2/7/2005
  Definitely the 300D, but you might as well spend the extra $100 and get the 350D, it is 8 megapixel and smaller!

Lenses for portraits are around the 60mm mark, you can usually get zooms though so you can get the best of both worlds like a 28mm-90mm zoom, but when taking photos of people, don't set it any lower than say 50mm or people will start to look like they have big noses etc!

But with digitals, the focal length is doubled or something like that (I don't have one but I am looking into getting the 350D), so I think if you have a 50mm lense, then it is like having a 100mm.

Can someone else correct me if I am wrong......

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3/1/2005 11:22:54 PM

Geoff A. Rupp   Thank you!! I appreciate your help. I don't have a lot of experience with digital photography, but I have been reading a lot on photography to make a better decision.

Here is what I understand so far...

The Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT has a factor of 1.6x. Supposedly this would make a 50mm lense look more like 80mm(1.6 X 50mm) = 80mm. I also understand that apperture is a concern as well. I have heard that an f-stop of less than f/2.8 is recommended for portrait photography. I have seen quite a few lenses with appertures of 4-5.6. What is an apperture of this magnitude for?

I sometimes like to take pictures at sporting events. The one thing I hated about my Sony DSC-S85 was that I could only zoom so far and therefore couldn't get a good picture. I realize that this is a different situation and this would require a special lense. Is there a good lense for that?

Thanks a lot for any information that can provided. All of your input is greatly appreciated as more information is never a bad thing!!

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3/2/2005 4:58:39 AM

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