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Ziad H. Dabash


dose any one know how to read this meeter, its came with canon AE-1 PRogram Camera
i try to understand it but I couln't


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2/28/2005 12:48:51 AM

Ziad H. Dabash  
sorry I try to upload it but I fail

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2/28/2005 2:21:52 AM

Ziad H. Dabash  

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2/28/2005 2:31:02 AM

Jon Close
BetterPhoto Member Since: 5/18/2000
  What is the make/model of the meter?

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2/28/2005 5:55:37 AM

Jennifer E. Betser
BetterPhoto Member Since: 2/28/2005
  I'm not quite sure of your question... Is it a handheld light meter, or the meter inside your camera, that you can see through the viewfinder? Iím assuming its the one IN your camera. I have never owned a Canon, however most light meters read the same. On some there is a plus (+) on the top and a minus (-) on the bottom, then there is the middle. On older cameras there is a needle, the needle needs to be in the middle, if it is over the middle, it will overexposed, and under the middle it will be underexposed. On newer cameras, you press the shutter release button half way down, and the light meter will light up, and has a thick center line. There may be little circles to tell you where the right exposure is, and they should be right in the middle. You adjust by changing shutter speeds and aperture (f-stops) to get the needle/meter in the center. However you can also bracket (take 3 pictures, one properly exposed-right in the center, one underexposed, a line or so under the center, and one over exposed, a line or so above the center) But if its easier, just stick with the center thing. Hope it helped...

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3/25/2005 1:15:19 PM

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