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Gideon Swart

Time Lapse Photo Exposure Times

I would like to shoot a long open shutter exposure on the stars at night, but don't seem to get a recipe of exposure times. What must my f\stop be on what ASA, and for how long shall I expose? Is there remotely a guide of some sort that can point me in the right direction?

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12/25/2000 3:36:18 PM

Ian F. Fan   Depending on the lens (you should be using a somewhat wide-angle lens such as a 50mm or 28mm) you should set the f stop at one less than full (it should be as bright as possible - but not fully open or it gets distorted). You should have around 200 - 800 ASA film, you need a shutter release cable and a shutter release threaded for the cable. Also, if your camera uses battery power to keep the shutter open at the bulb setting, it will drain fast and there isn't a real solution to it other than getting a fully manual camera. If you expose the film for about an hour there won't be much of a trail, to get a decent star trail it should be left exposed for 2 - 4 hours. The "length" of the star trail also depends on where the camera is pointed. Near the north star you won't get much of a trail but you will see an arc of stars around it. Away from the north star the trails are longer.

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12/26/2000 1:09:59 AM

Romen Vargas   Here's a link you might find useful:

it has to do with star trail and moonlight photography. The guy who wrote this is a pro photographer and he has examples on there but he did suggest to use 50-100 ASA films (see article for more details) rather than the faster speed films. Anyways, check it out and I hope it helps.

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12/28/2000 7:24:44 PM

gideon swart   Thank you Ian and also Romen for good advice and a wonderful website on startrailing. I'm leaving for the farm tomorrow and will be clicking away. Will keep everybody informed on the results and also try to narrow down the experimental shooting. Whatever I learn I'll be pleased to share with you. Thank you again for a great site.
regards Gideon

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12/29/2000 4:16:19 PM

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