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Paula I. Brennan

What to buy?

I am interested in buying a new camera that I can grow with.

My goal is to become as proficient as possible and capture the essence of life (both human and animal), as well as nature.

I am overwhelmed with all the options and was hoping you could point me in the right direction.


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12/24/2000 2:48:06 PM

Romen Vargas   I suggest first and foremost that you buy something that feels good in your hands. All the controls make sense to you and everything is where you want it. Some people have huge hands and some have small hands... so it's up to you in this dept.
But when it comes to brands... you can't go wrong with Canon or Nikon (they're my fav 2) cause they have a nice range of lenses.
Go to photographyreview to see how different people rate different cameras... this may help you choose.

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12/28/2000 7:30:06 PM

Paula I. Brennan   Thanks for the input Romen!

I bought a Nikno n80 and so far I'm pleased. However, if you could suggest a good site to learn more about using this camera (with laymans terms) to the best of its' ability, I would appreciate it.

thanks again!

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12/30/2000 10:16:24 AM

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