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Ken Reaves

Fine Art Photography

I hear and see the words "fine art" often attached to the word photography. I've even used it, but, I'm not sure if I have a clear understanding of what is meant by the term. Is it a style? Is it how your prints are made? Or is it a little of both?


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2/2/2005 10:27:58 AM

Michael H. Cothran   I sell "fine art photography" at juried arts and crafts shows.
Pretty much anything that anyone would hang on a wall for the sake of decorating or collecting could be considered "fine art." Maybe even those Sears family portraits, or your kids little league pictures! It does a good job of making one's photographs sound better verbally. That's about it. Call any picture you want 'fine art' if it feels right to you.
Michael H. Cothran

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2/2/2005 11:59:12 AM

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