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Penny L. Rickert


In order to show pictures of a youth football game on the website, do I need any kind of releases or permission from the child's parents to have their picture on the site? The pictures will not be available for resale and the majority of the players are not recognizeable because of wearing a helmet.

Penny Rickert

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1/25/2005 5:28:38 AM

Generally speaking, I believe for you to get sued, the plaintiff needs to prove damages. If you have placed the pictures on your website to show that you shoot sports, then I cannot imagine any diffculty. I have plenty of tear sheets from ads and brochures that I have scanned and put on my website only to say "I took the picture". If you are selling images without model releases, that is a whole new ballgame.

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1/26/2005 2:50:45 PM

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