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Steven Samarge

Canon Rebel 2000 for Christmas


I am buying a camera for my girlfriend for Christmas. She has wanted an SLR for a while and after much searching I think I have decided to go with the Canon Rebel 2000. I had a tough time deciding between the Pentax and the Canon but I think given the reviews and size the Canon will best fit her needs.

However, I am having a tough time deciding on the model and accessories. I realize this camera generally comes either with the body alone, the 28-80mm f/3.5-5.6 EF II Lens, or the 28-90mm f/4.0-5.6 EF Deluxe (Silver) Lens. I have heard great things about the 28-105 f/3.5-4.5 USM lens but this lens does not come in a kit and is really expensive.

Please let me know which lens would be best for a first time SLR user for general use.

Also I have heard that the standard flash is not powerful enough and that the 380EX flash is a good addition. I would appreciate advice on this subject as well.

I am trying to stay in the $500 range and would like to know what combination is best for this price range.

Thank You,

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12/7/2000 2:05:36 PM

Mike Walters   I did the same "shopping" last year and decided to buy myself a Minolta Htsi Plus because it offered many more features for the money. So far, I love the quality of pictures and it is a very light camera and easily maneuvered.

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12/8/2000 4:16:44 AM

David Clark  
I have the Rebel 2000 and the 28 - 105 lens as well as the 380EX flash. The camera is excellent for the first timer because it can be set on automatic and be used as a point and shoot, but with a turn of the dial, you can choose Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, or go completely manual. The lens is a good choice if you think she may be interested in close-up or portrait photography. The differences are not dramatic but I like to have as few lenses as possible, so when the choices of focal lengths are close, I usually go with the longest. The 28 - 105 lens is still just as light as the others, and the Canon lens is ultrasonic, so it's quiet. The flash is an absolute necessity. The little flash on the camera was hardly worth the time and effort to put it on there. But if price becomes a major factor, I'd cut down by getting the kit. I've never had a problem with Canon lenses at any focal length.

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12/8/2000 5:49:21 AM

Carlos E. Rentas  
You should go with kit and the 28-80mm f/3.5-5.6 EF II Lens, and the flash. You should stay within your price range.

Let her use this lens for a while. If she becomes (or already is) a real active photographer, then you might consider purchasing better and diverse lenses. If she's only going to use the camera sporadically, is not worth the expense of getting a really good lens. The one that comes with the kit is good enough for starters. I had this same setup without the flash for almost a year and had awesome results... and it was my first time using any kind of SLR. Canon makes it easy for beginners to begin.

Hope this helps and happy shooting!


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12/8/2000 11:31:00 AM

Chandra    Hi Steve,
There is a very good offer from Cameraworld
where in you get Rebel 2000 (28-80mm) along with a Tamron(80-210) lens... that's a good deal... why not check that out....

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12/8/2000 12:17:07 PM

  Ebay, ebay, ebay.... I just purchased a Canon Elan with a 35 - 80 lens and a 75 - 300 lens, combined price was $350 for all (plus about $30 for shipping). Just make sure that you buy from a person that has a good seller rating.....

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12/8/2000 12:17:30 PM

Steven Samarge   Thanks a lot everyone. You have really helped me with my decision. Yesterday after asking the question I started checking out the auction sites like ebay, yahoo, and A
Amazon. I found that there are some really good deals there. I also happened to check out Cameraworld (great suggestion Chandra) and noticed that they have a lot of options on kits above and beyond the "standard" Canon kits.

So thank you everyone. I think I will probably buy the body and lens kit from somewhere like Cameraworld or B&H photo so I can get the extended warranty, and buy the flash and additional lenses from somewhere like ebay. This seems like a good way to get the camera under warranty and stay within my budget.

By the way, I think I will be going with the 28-80 lens as she is a beginner and you all seem to think this is a decent lens for a beginner.

Thanks again and I really appreciate the help.


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12/8/2000 12:52:35 PM

  Dear Steve

I have the Eos 500n (Australia) and have found it to be very good. I bought it to take photos of my son and the effects that the controls give you is great.
I have the standard lens 28-80 and a zoom lens. I also have the 380ex flash which gives brilliant portrait shots because you can tilt the head and bounce the flash. GREAT CAMERA!!!!!!

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12/8/2000 4:16:48 PM

Lorelei Janzen
BetterPhoto Member Since: 10/16/2000
  Hi Steve

Just another point to consider. I'm a beginning photographer as well (and female) and I choose the Pentax MZ-50 over the Canon. I found the controls easier to operate and it felt much nicer in my hands (they're small). I also went with a 28-200 lens and I'd wouldn't look back. I have all the zoom I need while I learn!! Good luck!!

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12/8/2000 4:57:02 PM

Michelle Cook-Dougherty   Hi Steve. I have the Canon EOS Rebel G and am considering buying the EOS 2000 as an additional camera. I also just purchased a sigma 380st lens from the camera It is lighter than the 380EX and a better price and has a quicker recycle time than the canon flash. I also bought the Lumiquest attachable softbox (Promax Softbox) that fits with velcro to the flash. It softens the shadows that a flash of this strength gives. I love it. And its easy to use. I purchased it through I love my EOS camera and won't trade it except for a newer model. I use it professionally too. I do portraits and have done weddings with it. They are great cameras.
Hope this helps!!

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12/8/2000 8:42:45 PM

  Go ahead and buy the Rebel. Any of the Canon flashes will do well with the camera, but I would recommend the Sigma 28-80 3.5-5.6 lens, because it has very good glass and it is a macro lens. My first camera and lenses were the Rebel XS and two Sigma lenses, the 28-80 and the 70-210. I have since upgraded to a Canon A2E and an EOS 3, with a large selection of Canon and Tamron lenses. The Rebel is still in use as a backup and is also used by my girlfriend when we go out shooting together. I have had the Rebel for 5 years without a bit of trouble... use your own judgment...

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12/9/2000 2:27:23 AM

Dawn    I concur with most of the above comments. I currently have a Canon Rebel G (which is a very similar earlier model to the 2000) and really like it. It is an excellent beginner's camera and more. I also have a 380EX flash. I like it a lot as well. The 550 is much better but much more expensive. I suggest going with either. I purchased a plastic dome which softens the flash (under $20 with tax).

I agree with the person in an early comment who said you should go with the kit. If your girlfriend really enjoys the camera, later on, when she improves and knows exactly what she needs you/she can purchase a more powerful zoom lens. Personally, I have not had much luck on E-bay. I've found that the prices get up to market rate or higher by the close of sale. Not to mention, you don't really know the quality of the product. I'm also nervous about purchasing used or new pieces such as lenses (which can be scratched), flashes (which can be broken), and camera bodies (which can have mechanical failures) that I haven't personally seen.

A bag to hold all of your lucky girlfriends new goodies would be an excellent addition to your list. Make sure to buy one large enough and avoid the tiny triangle varieties which have little room for film, instruction booklets, or a flash.

I'm sure she will absolutely love whatever you get her! Happy Holidays!


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12/13/2000 9:53:05 PM

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