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Waldo Nell

Wrong exposure correction by Lab


I own a Canon 1D Mark II camera. I took several pictures of a model in my studio with high quality Elincrom studio lighing. I measured the exposure to set on the camera by using a Polaris flash meter - so I am absolutely sure the exposure was set properly. When I look at the photo's on my calibrated Apple 23" Cinema screen, they look perfect. Skin tones are perfectly exposed and details like laugh lines stand out clearly - which is what I want.

However, taking this to the Lab for printing is where the problem starts. It seems that if the image contains a balanced amount of light and dark colours, the exposure is correct and the image is great. However, the moment the image is predominantly white (say light clothes infront of a light backdrop), their Fujifilm Frontier printer overexposes the image. I asked them not to do any corrections whatsoever, however this is still happening.

What am I to do?

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1/21/2005 10:07:55 PM

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