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Jaspal Bhanot

Nikon D70 Jpegs or Raw

I gone purchase Nikon D70 within fews weeks as my work place have this camera, I like the look of it and the results are good. What I need to know is:

when I start doing wedding photography can I shoot the pictures in JPEG format or do they need to be shot in NEF file (Raw)

Will Jpeg files be OK for weddings photo's, is there much quailty different between JPEG and Raw files?

I know jpeg files can be opened on OS9 (I have an iMac at home) and OSX (which I have at work). Can I open the RAW files on my imac at home in photoshop 5.

Kind Regards

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1/19/2005 10:05:33 AM

Michael H. Cothran   RAW files can be opened in OSX with the Graphics Converter. If it's not in your dock, check your Applications folder. I don't understand how Apple works sometimes - some OSX come with the Graphics Converter, and some don't. You can also open RAW in Photoshop CS. Otherwise, you have to pay the optional money to buy Nikon's software. Personally, I would always choose RAW over jpeg.
Michael H. Cothran

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1/19/2005 7:38:49 PM

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