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Heather R. Morgan

Want to go Pro Editor's Pick   Sleeping Baby
Sleeping Baby
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Canon EOS Digital ...
I have been playing around with photography for just the last year and a half, but I absolutely love it. My husband bought me a 2mp point and shoot in 2003 and in 12 months I took over 7000 shots on it. In November of last year I bought a Canon EOS Digital Rebel, and have been teaching myself the technical side of things. I am crazy, I know, but I love taking pictures of babies and especially toddlers! I would like to turn this into a part-time business, as I am staying home with my children, and I know the next step is lighting. I have two questions: one, how do I know whether I am good enough to try? And two, if so, what is the best lighting for money studio set-up, given that it will be in my living room and will have tiny crawlers/toddlers all over it in all likelihood!?

Thanks so much!

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1/16/2005 7:01:47 PM

Kerry L. Walker   From the look of the photos you submittted, I would have to say you are on the right track. With babies and toddlers, you won't be able to easily use studio lights - the cords would be dangerous with children. I would suggest using a couple of slave flashes and umbrellas on stands. Buy a book on studion lighting, study it and I believe you will be on your way. The desire to photograph small children is over half the battle.

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1/17/2005 1:19:08 PM

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