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Jazmin Garcia

canon AE1 is jammed

my canon AE1 is jammed. the lever that u use to advance to the next picture is jammed and I pressed the rewind button and it is now stuck inside. Do you know what I could do to unstick the lever to make it advance the film again. Inside the camera the roller turns easily by hand its just thAT the lever seems to be stuck. its gets halfway and then will not go any further.

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1/12/2005 3:23:58 PM

Gaurav Khanna   I have the exact same problem. My AE1 lever to re-load got jammed about a month ago because the button at the bottom, which is pressed to rewind the film is stuck inside. Please let me know if you found a solution. Thanks.

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2/3/2005 11:17:19 AM

Dawn Cagle
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  The rewind button on my camera also sticks inside. Try removing the bottom of your camera and pressing the rewind button a few times. Good luck!

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8/6/2005 11:53:47 AM

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