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Photo styles that I would like tocapture w/digital

What type of digital camera would you recommend for capturing up-close photos of my son and family.

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1/8/2005 9:28:30 PM

a a   I am interested in purchasing a digital camera with one question in mind, "How to buy a digital camera that will last, on a budget, with great zoom and quality photos?"
I have been visiting various websites (ie. bpreviedw, dcresource, steves digicams, reading reviews and viewing photos to see what camera was used to take them. I purchased a canon rebel slr, 35mm and can't wait not even for the 1 hour processing to view my pictures, so I would like to go digital.
I have a 3 year old son, my most precious model and I would like to capture great photos of him, especially close ups. Any suggestions? I would like to stay in the price range from $150 to $400 for a new digital camera. (All the photos submitted have been scanned in, so the quality is not that great.)

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1/8/2005 9:44:57 PM

Maverick Creatives
BetterPhoto Member Since: 4/1/2004
  Hi Monica. I see you have done your research. You have decided you want digital. You have fixed your price range. You know your required specifics. What are you waiting for?
Need a ride to the camera store?
The SLR type Fuji S5000 or S7000 have the zoom lens and all available settings for more advanced shooting.
It's a fun but powerful unit with a very comfortable SLR look and feel.
Although I'm in Canada I believe that in USD they would fall within your price range.
ok,,,now get over to the camera store.


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1/9/2005 12:57:32 PM

a a   Hi Gary. If you only knew how many times I've made the trip to the store and online... there are just so many options and I don't want to make the mistake of buying the camera because it's the latest one on the market. I also bought Macworld magazine, Jan '05 issue that is titled the Digital Camera Superguide, and I'm still confused. Many people have recommended the Sony DSC-P93 5.1 mgpxl and I read good reviews on the Canon Powershot a75, but I have seen the reviews and the photo quality on the Canon Digital Rebel, although it's out of my price league. I'm looking for the great zoom with really nice quality photos. Thank you for your suggestion and will definitely look into it.

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1/9/2005 6:59:02 PM

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