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Where to Find Used Equipment

Does anyone have used equipment to sell or where to find some used equipment? Like background or props? Any ideas on this subject? Thanks for your help.

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1/8/2005 9:26:32 AM

Here is one source:

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1/8/2005 2:42:47 PM

Tim    Thank you, Charlie, for the help! The town that I live in doesn't have a portrait studio. There are two couples in town who do it part time after their main jobs. I've been doing photography since high school on and off. I've done a few weddings and horse show pictures. I hurt my back at the job I was at, so I've enrolled in NYIP and am going to get my degree in the field.
I sure could use all the ideas you could give me. I have five SLR and two digitals<. I would like to do weddings and family portraits and try to get into sporting events to shoot. So hope this helps a little. If you're ever in South Dakota, give me a call and we'll get together!
Thanks again for the help!

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1/9/2005 2:33:54 PM

No competition in town is a good thing, so you have an opportunity to come in making a big splash. I have heard from several people about NYIP and gotten very mixed responses. But I will not make a judgment since I have not seen the course. I don't know if you are in a position to travel to workshops, but the hands-on approach may be a good way to go, in addition to home study. There is a guy in town where I live who is one of the top wedding guys on the West Coast, and he teaches workshops on digital weddings. I have not met him so this is not an endorsement, but his Web site is

There are so many places to get the experience you need in a short time. Take a look at my Lighting for Commericial Photography course here at BP for a well-rounded lighting course:

Vik Orenstein's Studio Portrait Lighting class on lighting would be good as well:

And there is so much used equipment out there that would help you get started. Save the big bucks for advertising.

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1/10/2005 8:34:29 AM

Tim    Charlie ! Get a map out of South Dakota
and look in the upper right hand Corner
Where Minnesota has that bump. You'll
find at right thier . I'm only 10 miles
from the MInnesota line. I hope some day
we can meet and show you some of my
photo's . I hope some day I can have one of my photos in a book. even if its in the back of one. So if your ever this way give out a yell! OK? and thanks for the help! Tim Olson

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1/10/2005 9:58:48 AM

Tim    charlie thanks for the help and if you need anything for a picture just drop be a note and I'll try to help out .
Thanks again Tim Olson

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1/10/2005 10:14:31 AM

Christine S. Sines   Tim,
I have had a lot of luck purchasing backdrops and props on eBay. There is a huge selction and I have got a lot of great deals.
Good Luck,

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1/10/2005 10:26:13 AM

Scott Pedersen   Uesed equipment? Ebay. It's all on E-bay.

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1/11/2005 5:00:17 AM

jean ray
BetterPhoto Member Since: 2/22/2004
  I second the plug for ebay. I have bought equipment at great prices and have acquired a collection of lenses that I just couldn't have afforded at new prices.


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1/18/2005 8:53:05 PM

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