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Stewart J. Wilkins

Consistent Spot On Lens

  Train lights
Train lights
I used a 100-200 zoom to get this shot and am baffled by the little circle above the third telephone pole. Any ideas? It was an overcast day, so I have ruled out flare. Plus, the sun at this time of the day was most definitely behind me.
© Stewart J. Wilkins
Hi! I'm having a circle-shaped spot consistently showing up on my shots of the past few days. The weird thing is that in the train shot I included (where the spot is just about the third telephone pole on the left), I had switched to a different lens to get the shot. It also showed up on other shots, including interior, throughout my day of shooting yesterday.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks a lot.


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11/28/2000 8:22:55 AM

Jon Close
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  Is this a scan of a photo or a slide? Is the spot visible on the print negatives? At first I thought it was caused by a water droplet on your lens. Since it is appearing in the same place on pictures made with different lenses, I would suspect your photofinisher is the culprit.

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11/29/2000 11:17:02 AM

James Bennett   Spot or no spot, it's a great picture. Love the star effect on the lights. If the spot is not on your lens, you might get a repair shop to give the mirror a good cleaning.

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1/22/2001 3:50:17 PM

Stewart J. Wilkins   Jon and James,

Thanks very much for your response and the kind words, James. I'm new at photography and any compliment means a lot to me.

It's a scan of a print and your photofinisher theory might very well be sound, Jon. I cleaned everything and then my next set of pictures turned out to be fine.

I've recently learned (I'm taking a correspondence course in photography) that it's not a bad habit to take your pictures back to the photofinisher if they do not meet your standards.

Again, guys, thanks for your input.



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1/24/2001 8:43:35 AM

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