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Kylene R. McCleary

What SLR to buy?

Hello, I'm going to be taking a class in film phtograhy. I want a SLR camera, but I want to be able to control the appature and sutter. Please let me know what cameras are good. Thank you!

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12/8/2004 4:55:41 PM

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  Nikon still make the fully manual cameras, FM10 and FM3A. Other than that, almost all the SLR which has the 'M' (manual) mode will allow you to set the aperture and shutter speed manually. It all come down to the feel (weight, control layout, etc) and your budget. Like test driving a car before you buy it, go to a camera store and hold the cameras in your hand and feel them. Hope this helps.

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12/9/2004 7:06:57 AM

Buddy Purugganan   Andy made real good suggestions for the Manual type of the SLR cameras and I would like to add the black FM2N ( that can operate sans batteries and has 1/4000 shutter speed!) Pentax has the ZX-M, or try the Sigma SA-9. Enjoy!

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12/10/2004 1:38:12 AM

John P. Sandstedt
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  You can really use almost any auto-focus camera as ost can be set to full manual mode. Watch out for one or more of the lower price Nikons and Canons, however. These are real entry level and don't offer manual settings.

Almost all of the products from the major manufacturers are quality offerings. arguments abound as to whichis best. A lot of reviews cite Nikon as making the best lenses, Canon as having the best auto-focus electronics.

Go to a smaller camera store,preferably one that will let you try out a camera, or rent it. If it feels good in you hands and you can understand its controls - buy it!

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12/21/2004 9:44:11 AM

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