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eileen hyland

How to shoot food/cookery pics

I've been asked to take some photos for a cookery book, and the chef want to get some shots of the food cooking, sizzling in the pan etc. Just wondering if I should worry about my camera (Digital Rebel) in the steamy atmosphere of the kitchen. Is it safe to poise over a hot wok! Also, the kitchen is lit with flourescent light - any suggestions on white balance? Thanks so much.

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12/7/2004 3:27:11 PM

Doug  Elliott
BetterPhoto Member Since: 9/18/2004
When shooting in the kitchen, you can protect your camera by putting in a large zip lock baggie. Cut a whole for the lens. It's bulky and hard to use but will worth the effort. I did a golf game last week in San Antonio, and it drizzled all day. I did use a UV filter over the front element to protect it. When necessary I wiped off the filter and kept of shooting.
If you don't own a Macbeth Color Chart, please get one. Place it in your first shot. Use it to set up the rest of your post color correction in Adobe CS.
During your shoot, take a white piece of foam core and place it in your scene.
Fill your view finder with the white side of the board. Change your camera setting to fluorescent and shoot. If you need, you can set up your system to the custom balance.
I hope these ideas help.
Good shooting

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12/7/2004 5:43:48 PM

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