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Carl Schulz

Lingerie Models under age 18

I went to an online service that matched Photographers and Models. It appears to be a very popular site. While looking through the models I noticed that there were a lot of girls under the age of 18 that do or will do Lingerie modeling.

I saw a lot of 17 year olds, a few 16 year olds and a couple 15 year olds doing Lingerie modeling. I wanted to know the legalities of photographing someone under the age of 18 in underware.

The outfits they were wearing revealed no more than the average bikini. However I do remember a national print ad campaign back in the mid 90s featuring kids in their mid teens in underware. The company was threatned by several states with child pornography charges unless they pulled the ads.

I know the anwser to this question verries from state to state. I was just under the impression that photographing people in the underware under the age of 18 is illeagle. Any thoughts?

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12/2/2004 4:11:24 AM

Buddy Purugganan   Carl, if you watch porn films you will see at the start of the movie ( in most VHS or DVD copies) that the cast of the films were of legal age during principal photography thus if the films were distributed,sold to the ADULT and NOT the minors, the accredited lawyer CANNOT SUE, or trouble the producers, creators of the film due to all legalities beforehand in case the videos were searched and CONFISCATED and even questioned by all legal parties. The mentioned website you viewed COULD be illegal though they may have statements, legal consent, written permission, and all that can rather be discussed by lawyers, and the website's rightful attorney. they are polluting the masses ( children included! ) surfing the web! There are websites that consider reportage of UNDERAGED EXPLOITATION and its BEST for you to research this and do your part.

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12/6/2004 11:21:09 PM

Carl Schulz   This is a legit website and those models are definatly under 18. There are thousands of models, actors, artists, photographers, stylists, agents, angencies, etc. on this site.

I also don't doubt that every photographer had a signed permission slip before shooting the photos. The lingerie they were wearing revealed nothing more than the average bikini. In most of those photos, the lingerie fully covered them.

I was just under the impression that photographing people under the age of 18 wearing only underware is illeagle. I thought that due to the print ads I mentioned above which I thought was Calvin klein or something.

Then agian, actress Jessica Beil did a semi-nude set for a magazine like Maxim when she was 17.

The phots did not come acress to me as being pornographic. I am just confused over the mixed signals I have gotten over the years regarding photographs of this nature.

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12/7/2004 4:21:10 AM

Chris    It's not illegal in MI under the right context. Must cover adequetly and be for demonstration purposes. So taking "skin" photos of minors is still illegaln even if the coverage is good.

Sometimes lingere companies want agae appropriate models on their packaging. Most modeling portfolios (even of minors) will need a swimsuit pic.

Use common sense and when in doubt (and I meen even the slightest hint of doubt) don't photo kids in skimpy outfits at all.

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12/11/2004 11:36:12 PM

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